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TechniCoil manufactures high-precision OEM electromagnets in a wide range of sizes and geometries for commercial and research applications. Our products are manufactured to our customers’ specifications in quantities ranging from single units to high volume production.

  • Dipole Magnets
  • Quadrupole Magnets
  • Sextupole Magnets
  • Solenoids
  • Helmholtz Coils
  • Laminated Core Magnets
  • C-Core/ E-Core Magnets

Our electromagnets range in size from a few kilograms to over 10 metric tons.

In alternating current electromagnets, the magnetic field is constantly changing. This causes high energy losses that are dissipated as heat. The losses stem from eddy currents and hysteresis losses in the core, and increase linearly with frequency. Coils are often cooled dynamically with water or air to avoid damage to the insulated wire coils.


TechniCoil has been manufacturing coils since 1990 and takes great pride in its precision coil alignment, transition, tension, and uniformity. Most coils are infused in resin using vacuum impregnation to form a solid monolithic structure after the coil is formed. Wire cross-sections range from 0.127mm to over 25mm.

We custom manufacture a wide range of coils to our customers’ specifications, including:

  • Air Cooled Coils
  • Indirect Cooled Coils
  • Direct Cooled, Hollow Core Coils
  • Saddle Coils
  • Bifilar Coils
  • Helmholtz / Maxwell Coils
  • Degaussing Coils
  • Litz Wire Coils
  • Ribbon Conductor / Foil Wound Coils
  • Step-Wound Coils
  • Specialty Coils

TechniCoil also provides a repair and alteration service for third-party magnetic coils. Our experienced technicians locate and repair damages or shorts, add windings, and build trim coils.


TechniCoil designs, manufactures, and assembles magnet systems using permanent magnets as well as more complex hybrid systems using both permanent magnets and electromagnets. We offer unique expertise in the handling, assembly, and combination of permanent magnets and electromagnets.



TechniCoil’s products are used in a wide range of industries including semiconductor manufacturing, energy storage, transportation, medical, material science, and particle accelerators. Contact us today to learn more.

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